Thursday, September 22, 2011

why I want a big family!

Me and Brian plan on having 4 kids but I secretly am leaning towards 5 shhh......
A while ago my aunt asked me "why would you want that many kids?" the answer is why not!

growing up I was the oldest of 7 kids! I loved having a big family because there was always someone to play with, argue with, talk to or to bug. looking back at my childhood I realized my brothers were my best friends, even though they were gross boys that wouldn't play barbies with me. we know all the good and bad stories about each other.

my sisters are another proof that god answers prayers. Like any only girl in the family I begged god for a sister. I desperately wanted to hide the box cars and play station games and play dress up and paint nails. and in a blink of an eye I got my wish x3! we do have a big age gap but they are the only sisters I have and a number is not going to stop me from dancing, shopping, and finally playing barbies where no one gets killed!

This little one is the youngest of my dad's kids. He's crazy, but in a good way. He makes a great uncle to my girls :) (he cracks up every time I call him uncle) I don't get to see him or my two youngest sisters as much as I would like to. But I know they are my siblings and that never changes. My wish is that in the future I can make up lost time.

So the real answer to my aunts question about why I want so many kids is because I have learned that my friends change with every season of life but my brothers and sisters will always be there for me. Why would I not want that for my daughters.

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