Tuesday, August 15, 2017

7th letter to Belle

Dear Belle,
your birthday was 4 days ago and I'm a just now writing this because I honestly don't want to.
I don't want you to be 7.
that's too big.
I remember every second, and I mean every second of the day you were born.
7 years seems too long ago to be able to remember every second.
but here we are and I have to force myself to do my mommy duties and write your birthday letter.

I have always said you were my mini me but better, smarter, prettier, funnier, kinder.
I am fascinated with how your brain works
your creativity and instinctive love for art.
it's truly in your blood.
you color every day
you would paint, sculpt, sew, paper mache, draw, build, and other form of art if mom didn't mind the mess.
it's what makes you happy.
it's how you express your thoughts and emotions and dreams.
I sneak little peeks into your notebook under your pillow of all your drawings and I just am blown away at your point of view of the world.
I pray every night you always pursue that amazing talent of yours.
 your humor is so reminiscent of your uncles.
my brothers always have the funniest things to say and they can turn any conversation into a huge belly laugh. I love that you have inherited that from them.
I describe it as very dry and smart but at the same time totally from left field and unexpected.
you know exactly how to lighten the mood and BURN someone without truly hurting their feelings hahahaha
 as much as you are like me 
you have so much from your dad also!
his need for clean and organized and perfection 
you are so particular about your clothes, your art supplies, your handwriting, your room.....well sometimes your room. sometimes I have to remind you to put your laundry away after a week of the basket sitting on the floor!!!
what I love though is out of all your sisters you are without a doubt the biggest daddy's girl. 
he was on a business trip for a week and you cried almost every day.
he still calls you his princess and you wear that title so proudly. I hope you never get embarrassed of that because that just might break his heart if you ever ask him to stop.
 your heart is so big and so caring
you are the second mommy of the house. 
always knowing when to give a hug to your sisters when they need it.
Always giving any help when asked.
Always willing to share everything of yours.
anyone is blessed to call you a friend.
I hope your quietness and shy tendencies don't stop you from making real strong friendships.
becasue you are just the kind of friend this world needs.
 your name means beauty. 
and just like the song on beauty and the beast (yes mom is going to bring that up, be proud of what your named after!!!) your looks have got not parallel!
You are gorgeous!
please please please never dye your hair!!!
never ever ever!!!!
I will probably cry 
but you know that's nothing new, I cry about everything when it comes to you girls.

 You are everything I ever wanted in a daughter and so much more! I just can not thank God enough for you. you are calm, sweet and like a breath of fresh air.
you know exactly how to make our crazy life feel like we can handle everything that's thrown at us.
 you have such a easy smile and once we see it all is right in the world.
Thank you so much for everything you do and everything you are.
I would be lost without you 
and you inspire me to keep going
to remember the important things in life
and to be grateful for every blessing.
I love you so much!

Saturday, July 15, 2017

5th letter to Stella

Drear Stella,
you made it to your big 5th birthday!
I reread all the letters I wrote to you for the past 5 years and I am so proud to say not much has changed. you are still the happiest bubbly sweetest girl. 
I look at you and just feel so blessed.

 This day 5 years ago was the most intense emotional day of my life. I was so terrified of any health problems but so excited to finally meet you. from the moment I found out I was pregnant with you I felt this extreme bond we had already had. I knew you were a girl, I knew you were going to be a spunky sweetheart. but what I didn't know is how much you would teach me to trust God and really learn to lean on my faith. from the moment the doctor said something was wrong with your ultrasound to even just yesterday when you stepped on a bee, you prove that prayer works. I am so grateful for your lessons and your love of God. it's always so inspiring to hear you pray in the back seat of the car when an ambulance drives by or if the rain might ruin our fun plans. 
The strong bond we have I know is nothing compared to the bond you have with our lord. it's such a privilege to see that.
 you bring so much color and brightness and just ooze happniess every where you go.
you are a wonderful friend to everyone. 
not shy one bit.
it's hard to explain to people why we are choosing to wait on starting school
it's because you are not ready to grow up just yet and I am not going  to rush it.
one more year of you being home sounds perfect to me. 
I promise to make this year a fun filled adventurous year. 
We are going to work hard on getting you prepared for kindergarten but we are also going to spend lots of time enjoying each other.
 You love my little pony...still
your thumb
wearing pj's
being a homebody
your sisters
being a daddy's girl
cowboy boots
all of your Grandmas
1 on 1 time
making me draw bunnies
AND ketchup on everything.....even pancakes
 You are not a fan of
washing your hair
running errands
letting go of the ladder at grandma's pool

and you are extremely accident prone.
I have never met anyone who gets poked in the eye more than you! 
along with every other random slim chances of crazy things to happen to someone it will happen to you someday I am sure of it.

 Stella Jo as another year is over I am sad like I always get because my babies are growing
but you make life so fun I just can't wait to see what you have in store next.
Happy Birthday 
I love you.

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Julia's 12th letter

Dear Julia,
You are entering into you're last year of childhood! 
that sentence is like a punch in the gut for your mom.
 I am in denial and really don't want to post this letter or share your pictures. I am hoping that if I just bury my head in the sand, cross my fingers and beg God he will let me go back in time and relive your baby years, toddler days and kid moments. but then again I look back at all the pictures and I am reminded that we have had great time and some really really hard times.
you have come such a long way 
I am going to let you in on a very big secret here
parents are totally winging it when it come to raising kids, 
especially the first born.
we screw things up
we don't always know the best answer 
we have high expectations
not really sorry
We don't always know what to do
We will never stop
not sorry

this past year you have really made me so proud.
countless people have told me all kinds of good deeds, responsible acts and great achievements they have witnessed you do. I promise none of the hard work you have done goes unnoticed. Things are changing and as much as I miss your chunky baby cheeks or toothless grin I am so looking forward to all the big things you have ahead of you and to support you in finding God's purpose for you.
 Julia mean Youthful
to me that is 100% accurate.
your spirit and energy can be perfectly described as youthful.
you are always on the go and ready to take on more, do more and nothing scares you

 Your love of cooking as only grown
It's so nice to see you really find something you that makes you happy and interested in. plus it's a huge bonus for me. although I sometimes get a little mommy guilt that I am not doing enough and letting you just be a kid instead of cooking dinner most nights. You are really good at it!
You put a lot of pressure and importance in your school work
and that just makes me burst with pride. you have big dreams and big goals for what you want to be in the future and you have so much determination
never lose that.

 We have crossed the stage in life where you pretty much want close to nothing to do with me because you know mom is so embarrassing and really old.
which I respond with No I am not and No I am not!
When mom sings and dances in the car while your friends are in the back seat it's because I'm a teaching you that you should not be afraid of being yourself
When mom still kisses and hugs you it's teaching you that I am always going to love you even when you fight me
When mom misspells words or gets math problems wrong it teaches you that education is important and mom might need a little help ;P
When mom burns food, ruins a craft project, bleaches her shirt, locks the keys in the car, takes you to fun places but they are closed, gets lost, spills drinks, falls going up the steps, makes a complete fool of herself it all just to teach you to NEVER GIVE UP.
My heart might not be ready for all the growing up in your 12th year of life but I am excited to be right by your side through it all. I am your biggest fan. Thank you forever and ever to choosing me to be your mom. You truly have no idea how much of an impact you have made in my life. 
Year 12
here we go!
lets make this last year of childhood the best!

Happy Birthday

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Christmas Card!

can you believe it's already time to unveil our annual Christmas card picture!?!?!?!?!
I can't!
where has 2016 gone?

Well like I have said many times I spend months brainstorming up ideas for our Christmas card and I had one in mind but then out of the corner of my eye on my way home from a photo session I spotted in our neighbors garbage was this antique school desk!!!!!!!! 
my heart stopped
I HAD to have it!
Brian shook his head and said "what? why? where? no! do we have to?"
I ignored his negativeness. I knew this was a once in a lifetime chance and if I passed it up I would regret it the rest of my life!
so the little weak women I am marched across the street and picked that bad boy right up and carried it up the steps and into my home.
I am not ashamed one bit!!
then I rubbed it in Brian's face a few minutes later when I showed him how much people are selling exact replicas of this beauty on eBay and he zipped his lip up fast.

long story

so my Christmas card plans changed and I couldn't be happier!
without further ado
Christmas picture 2016...............

(the dresses that Belle and Stella are wearing were actual MY Christmas dresses form when I was little!)
 Christmas card 2016.....
I love it!!
can not wait to mail them out!
If you want a copy let me know your address
plus I would love to get some cards from you so let me know if you need my address!!!!!

Friday, November 11, 2016

A 2nd letter to Hazel

Dear Hazel,

you are so simple but so complex at the same time. You keep me on my toes but I know if I tell you not to do something you will listen. You are calm but fierce. You are quite but stand up for yourself when needed. You are girly but love to roll up your sleeves and get dirty. you are loving but always on guard. you are not a show off but know every trick. you are a mama's girl but want to be just like Daddy. You are helpful but think it's fun to make a mess.
 Watching that brain of yours figure things out and put the pieces together is in my top favorite things to do. you are so determined. absolutely nothing gets in your way when you have an idea. you are fearless. you are a born to be leader.
 My life would be so boring without you.
 you have Julia's spit fire attitude
Belle's caring heart
Stella's sweetness
and yet you are completely you.
 you have a passion for working.
I know it sounds crazy! I never knew another 2 year old that just wants to work.
 cleaning, fixing, helping
you never stop. you don't even have a favorite cartoon because you never really take a break from activities to sit and watch a show or two. But your not hyper, just enjoy being busy.
 you don't get overly excited but you are a very happy girl.
those big blue eyes still stops me in my tracks!
Happy 2nd birthday
I love you Hazelnut.
  Daddy's Winnie. 
Hazel Gwendolyn

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