Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Christmas Card!

can you believe it's already time to unveil our annual Christmas card picture!?!?!?!?!
I can't!
where has 2016 gone?

Well like I have said many times I spend months brainstorming up ideas for our Christmas card and I had one in mind but then out of the corner of my eye on my way home from a photo session I spotted in our neighbors garbage was this antique school desk!!!!!!!! 
my heart stopped
I HAD to have it!
Brian shook his head and said "what? why? where? no! do we have to?"
I ignored his negativeness. I knew this was a once in a lifetime chance and if I passed it up I would regret it the rest of my life!
so the little weak women I am marched across the street and picked that bad boy right up and carried it up the steps and into my home.
I am not ashamed one bit!!
then I rubbed it in Brian's face a few minutes later when I showed him how much people are selling exact replicas of this beauty on eBay and he zipped his lip up fast.

long story

so my Christmas card plans changed and I couldn't be happier!
without further ado
Christmas picture 2016...............

(the dresses that Belle and Stella are wearing were actual MY Christmas dresses form when I was little!)
 Christmas card 2016.....
I love it!!
can not wait to mail them out!
If you want a copy let me know your address
plus I would love to get some cards from you so let me know if you need my address!!!!!

Friday, November 11, 2016

A 2nd letter to Hazel

Dear Hazel,

you are so simple but so complex at the same time. You keep me on my toes but I know if I tell you not to do something you will listen. You are calm but fierce. You are quite but stand up for yourself when needed. You are girly but love to roll up your sleeves and get dirty. you are loving but always on guard. you are not a show off but know every trick. you are a mama's girl but want to be just like Daddy. You are helpful but think it's fun to make a mess.
 Watching that brain of yours figure things out and put the pieces together is in my top favorite things to do. you are so determined. absolutely nothing gets in your way when you have an idea. you are fearless. you are a born to be leader.
 My life would be so boring without you.
 you have Julia's spit fire attitude
Belle's caring heart
Stella's sweetness
and yet you are completely you.
 you have a passion for working.
I know it sounds crazy! I never knew another 2 year old that just wants to work.
 cleaning, fixing, helping
you never stop. you don't even have a favorite cartoon because you never really take a break from activities to sit and watch a show or two. But your not hyper, just enjoy being busy.
 you don't get overly excited but you are a very happy girl.
those big blue eyes still stops me in my tracks!
Happy 2nd birthday
I love you Hazelnut.
  Daddy's Winnie. 
Hazel Gwendolyn


Wednesday, August 17, 2016

looking for a model to test out a technique!

My girls let Mama play with my camera today. 
I am pretty excited for the ones I got.

The Julia
she hates her freckles but I absolutely adore them and pray that they never fade. I wanted to have a picture of them so I can show her just how beautiful they really are. 
With Belle it was all about textures and shadows. 

 For Stella I just wanted to so a more softer look and natural colors. I love bold and rainbows but sometimes it's fun to do the opposite of what you like just to play around with it.
I took some of Hazel and you will soon see on our Youtube channel that process and how it just wasn't going to work. I am really hoping I can get a model to try that technique out soon. message me if you have a newborn or are pregnant and would like to try something called a milk bath portrait. THEY ARE BEAUTIFUL!! but babies older than say 5 months is really not ideal for them. :( 
o well I will try something else on Hazel soon :)

Friday, August 12, 2016

6th letter to Belle

Dear Belle,
How did we get to this high of a number?
I can't wrap my head around the fact that you need 2 hands to count your age!
but enough about how sad I am about how fast time is going, you are tired of hearing it.
so I will just suck it up and talk about how proud of you I am!!

you rocked Kindergarten like it was easy!
You blew me away with how brave you were to leave my side and step out of your shell and do something big! not only did you excel in school you made lots of friends and earned a white belt in Karate AND was the loudest cheer leader in your squad!!
all my fears that first day of school you proved to me that I gave you all the tools you needed and your little wings were strong enough for me to let go.
just a little bit though.
 That big heart of yours is what I most proud of.
it truly is made of gold.
You constantly are willing to help with Hazel
you want to make sure Stella feels included
you actually listen to Julia when she want someone to talk to and you come to me if you feel like I am misunderstanding her during our many mom and preteen battles.
Daddy always feels loved and wanted because you leave him love notes all over his computer desk.
  Speaking of art.
it's still a fiery passion of yours.
I am inspired by the way you stretch yourself to try new subjects and techniques. 
I want you to know that no matter what you choose to do in life I will always support but I secretly pray that you use your talents to the fullest.
 it is such a gift you have.

 Everyday after school during our walks home you would always ask me when will you be able to ride the school bus.  because during your kindergarten year, you attended the school right down the street your wish was not made BUT starting 1st grade you will join Julia at her school and finally be able to ride the big yellow bus! I am so excited for you.

I am giving you permission to grow up.
only because the person you are growing into, I just want her to always be around!
 I love you 

Friday, July 15, 2016

a 4th letter to Stella

Dear Stella,
I can not even understand how we lived life before you came along!
You have such a wonderful personality and are driven by your desire to make everyone around you feel happy and included.
Your are so fun, funny, smart, caring and just completely lovable! 

It only takes seconds after meeting you for everyone to fall under your spell. 
You have this gift of treating each person so special 
and for that moment in time they are so special to you
 and they feel better about themselves because of your love. 
how do you do that?
I want to be more like you.

You are not a fan of any bad mood, negativity or arguments. 
you always try to break the tension with a knock knock joke or by singing "this little light of mine."
You have such a strange obsession with everything "soft"
you will cling on to anyone sitting by's shirt and rub it between your fingers while sucking your thumb. 
but if the feel of the cotton is just not perfectly soft you let the person know they should change their clothes.
If I have a head ache, you quietly say a prayer without even being asked for Jesus to make my head feel better. Thank you.
 when you have a nightmare you always blame it on the side of the bed you fell asleep on so we have to flip your pillow to the other side and untuck all the sheets and blankets
 so you can have a good dream on the "up side" of your bed.
you like to wear your shoes on the wrong feet.
and hate having your hair washed.
you love being a sister and ask every night to have a sleepover with them.
When you get excited to grit your teeth so hard they look like they will break and you make fist and shake your whole body screeching "I'M SO EXCITED!!"
you are still so tiny and fit most of Hazel's clothes! BUT no one is allowed to call you small/tiny/baby
no no no! you are Stella Jo BIG AND STRONG!
 I am having so much fun being your mom.
Time goes by so fast but I can honestly say I always made it a point to cherish every stage, phase, day, moment of your life. 
you have taught me so much these last 4 years. more than any book or class could. 
I feel incredibly blessed to be your mama.

Thank you for another amazing year!
keep growing and pushing through every obstacle
because you are so good at proving people wrong and showing that God's plan is way better than one we could come up with.
you are such a gift!

Love, MOM
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