Thursday, August 22, 2019

Belle's 9th birthday letter

Dear Belle,
 every year I say I can't believe how fast time is going
 but every year it just seems to speed up faster!!!
9 is a big kid number! 
like there is no pretending that you are not growing up.
I am absolutely in love with who you are growing into.

Your Dad and I were talking about how you have interest and talents
 that are not what Julia would call "trending"
 but you completely enjoy these things and you know you are good at them
 so you do it anyway. I think that is amazing and inspiring! 
you love comic books, star wars, designing and sewing, drawing and roller skating.

you are so dependable and responsible. 
helpful and caring. 
you are always the one ready to comfort anyone that needs it.
you have a heart of gold.
and then you have the darkest sense of humor.
It completely takes people off gaurd becasue you look every bit the part of an angel
 but you live for the burn you dish out.
 and I admit I am very impressed and quite frankly proud of it.
your favorite person to tease is Uncle Gage.
you will never admit it but you love him so much but your so deep into your game that you could never show it.

I got to go to Girl scout camp with you this past year and I learned so much about you during all the activities and fun with your friends.
 you have a great group of friends.
 I am so thankful for that. 
I used to pray very hard night after night that you would get out of your shell.
 your friends know the real you and they love you! 
they help bring out your silly, funny goofy side and they know exactly how to support you and encourage you. 
You are an amazing friend back and that make me so proud.
The way you treat your sisters is exactly the way you treat your friends.
I hope you never stop that.

I feel 100% blessed to be your mom.
to have front row seats to watch you grow.
keep doing you 
no worries or second guessing 
be confident and practice hard until you accomplish all your dreams.
I have no doubt you will make it to Paris one day babe.
America's Got Talent is another story but you never know 
no matter what know that I am your number 1 fan!!

Happy 9th birthday,
Belle Elizabeth
Belle Belle
Miss Belle


Monday, July 15, 2019

Stella's 7th LETTER

Dear Stella,

This past year has been full of changes for you. 
You started Kindergarten! 
you learned how to read, do math problems, make new friends and just blow me away with how fast you learned all the things!
School was such a big step and we had our reasons for waiting one more year before signing you up but when it was time  
you were beyond ready!
School is your home away from home. you loved your teacher,
 I loved that she was Julia's teacher and she already knew you and our family well.
 That helped a lot with my anxiety. 
you would get so upset on weekends or days off school because you didn't want a day off!
 I seriously hope you always have this passion for learning and school,
 it will take you far baby girl!
 countless amount of times I witnessed you being the very best friend anyone would be blessed to have. A boy had a running nose and you gave him your sweater to wipe his face. You made crafts and pictures for all the kids in your class for no other reason but to let them know you thought about them. You always are concerned about any kids that are getting "bullied" and you made sure the adults around would look out for it. you wanted to be the first to RSVP to every birthday party invite. and every single day you ask for a play date and each time its a new kids name.
 Your sense of Humor is one of a kind.
 very silly, random and sometimes you're the only one that gets the joke
 and that's totally fine with you because you just love to laugh. 
it can be a crazy hyeena witch laugh with lots of snorts and its highly contagious!
 you are starting to really love art more. 
Your talents are neck and neck with Belle! 
You color and draw everyday. we run out of drawing paper on the monthly now! 
some times you do get frustrated with yourself about a mistake or not being able to doing something exactly like you had in your head.
 babe please don't be so hard on yourself and let the little mistakes get to you too much. sometimes the little imperfections end up being the best part.
 from the second I found out I was pregnant with you I have always worried about you, stressed about various different things about your health, your future, your surroundings. more than any of your sisters. I have told you so many times about how you taught me how to trust God, how to ask him first for help, how to pray and how to love without fear. Thank you.
 you are such a homebody.
 your happy place is sitting on the couch with your 20 super soft pillows, a book and your thumb. your favorite color is pink, and purple and rainbow and glitter and sparkles. 
you are still a huge my little pony fan.
 you still love Ketchup. 
bath bombs are a favorite right now. 
you sing at the top of your lungs every song you make up.
 you dance and beg us to sit for your living room performances

 you brighten everyone's day and you make everyone you meet feel loved. it's a gift I am so proud to see you have.
I can't wrap my head around the fact that you are 7 years old! that's a really big kids number to me and it's just hard for me because you will always be my little girl.
 I love you so much! I am so excited to see what this coming year holds for you because it's going to be another big one! new school, girl scouts and ninja training :P 
 no matter what just promise me it will be filled with your giggles and perfect cuddle sessions.

Happy birthday 
Stella Jo

Thursday, June 13, 2019

Julia's 14th letter

Dear Julia,
Here we are.
another year.
and I am pretty sure this 14th birthday is going to be one we might not always look back on 
with big smiles. 
you kind of hate me right now. 
or at least that's what you screamed at me after you slammed your door.
but everyone tells me that is to be expected at this age
I will just continue to love you and be here for whenever you do decide to open the door again.
  until then I want to go ahead and write a letter about all the good.
because believe it or not I see a lot of good.

You are so strong. 
You have this brilliant brain that is always thinking and problem solving.
 you question everything and you have a very good gift of arguing why your point is right. 
 I admit your logic most of the time makes complete sense.  
We joke about how you will make a great lawyer but I don't think its entirely a joke. 
you would be perfect at defending someone. I pray if that's the route God has planned for you,
 you use those gifts for good, for innocent, for justice.

 this age is full of insecurities.
 I hate that.
 I know you think I have to say these things but sweetheart you have nothing to be insecure about.
 If anyone makes you feel less than, they suck.
please don't waste your energy on them. focus on what you love about yourself, what makes you happy, your dreams and what you have to do to achieve them.
 You are about to start high school!
 it's such a huge step in growing up and its going to be a great ride with lots of ups and downs. you're going to truly learn so much about yourself. I am so excited for all the clubs, teams, projects, reports, events, dances, sports, celebrations, friends nights, concerts, jobs, driving and yes even the boyfriends. just please don't settle for less than you deserve and PLEASE let us build trust with you and whomever you choose to spend time with. 
as much growing as you are about to do, you will always be our little girl.
 it's our job to love you protect you and support you. 
we will never stop but you can make it a bit easier on us all if you just let us.
 You have so many people that love you.
 I can't even tell you the amount of people that know our story or have just spent a little time with you, They all have fallen under your spell. 
they adore you. they root for you. 
from the ladies in my mom group, to my friends from old jobs, the neighbors, your old teachers, your friends parents, or just people we have gotten to know through this world on the internet.
 I get asked about you all the time.
 I remember back when you were a toddler
 and everyone we would meet would completely gush over you. 
you always had this sparkle about you. 
you are unforgettable.
 You are stunning!
 natural beauty but you also have a talent for make up that blows my mind! 
you have a style about you that I can't put a label on. 
you're simple, classic, a bit sporty but also very girlie. 
I give up trying to buy clothes for you because just when I think I know what you will like you raid my closet and totally surprise me with something I never would have guessed you would have liked.
 I grew up with brothers until I was 12, so sharing clothes, make up and hair things was not an option for me. I am excited I get a taste of that with sharing your things.
 except shoes, dang girl!
 I say it everyday and I will never stop. I love you. I thank God for you. you make me a better person. you matter. don't ever forget that nothing you could ever say or do will ever change any of that!
My teenager,
The Julia
Julia Rose

Mom :D

Friday, November 9, 2018

Hazel's 4th letter

life has been extra busy and I am just getting time to write your birthday letter. 
Things like that make me feel so guilty!
you deserve the best and there are just so many things I am not good at or feel just so overwhelmed and I end up dropping balls.
 you are always the first to give big hugs and say "you're the best mom."
you remind me that you don't need extravagant, you need just need love.
you're happy.
it's a perfect reminder for me to let go of the big expectations I have for how to be a great mom and just give you extra squeezes 

Clifford has moved down your list of favorite cartoons and now you're loving PJ Mask
you are starting to develop a picky eater complex but you try so hard to be polite and push your plate away while saying "no thank you, Mama."
You don't take naps anymore
but your always the last one to wake up in the morning.
your sisters have to give you hugs and wave good bye when we drop them off for school
then on the way home you always get so happy because it's just me and you- for all of 10 minutes before the babysitting kids get here.
you absolutely love bath time.
 The love of tools, fixing and work is still ingrained in your being. 
you hear a hammer or drill and you go running!
we have had a lot of repairs and new appliances arrive at our house this past year and you made friends with every delivery/repair man that came over.
you claimed a pink tape measure that was in daddy's tool box.
you walk around seeing how tall everything is.
you also insisted on getting work boots like daddy but requested they be pink & I actually found a pair:

You always talk in, not 3rd person but you always say: Me.
like "Me, love you"
"Me want a snack"
"Me don't know how to do that."
it's absolutely the cutest thing. I know you will grow out of it and probably sometime soon so every time I hear it I have to pause for a moment and just smile.

o my goodness do you love your sisters.
you very much are concerned with how they feel and making sure they are included in anything special.
you're not very good at secrets or surprises.
if you get something special you want them to also have the same.

you have big muscles
an amazing memory
a practical joker
obsessed with chap stick
pro UNO player
will hyperventilate if sent to time out. 
which really isn't very often because you are so good.
always up for adventures
soaks in new knowledge and details like a sponge

I am so grateful to be your mom.
to have front row seats to your life and be the biggest fan
I can't get enough of you and I am just so excited to see what God has planned for you.
I love you Hazel 


Saturday, August 11, 2018

Belle's 8th birthday letter

Dear Belle,

you are so unique.
I love that so much!
you always find your own style and run with it regardless if anyone else understands or not.
since you were around two years old you have been interested in vintage cartoons
Dumbo and Elmo were your first loves.
then you were obsessed over 1970 versions of Spider man and friends. you would act out the character Fire Star.
 I legit had no clue who she was before that time.
 then you started to grow out of that little kid phase and I was kind of sad because I just found that who thing fascinating. it wasn't the cool thing or what your sisters did. it was all you.
 you started reading and you gravitated to the comic book section. 
when you started doing book reports you actually found 3-400 page books written in complete comic book style and the teacher let you do your report with that book!!
again I liget had no idea those existed before then.
again you are you
no reason to be embarrassed or change for anyone.
you inspire me.
you have a personal style that to me screams artist. 
you like to wear black everything everyday but have some sort of pop of color somewhere,
 a headband, bag, shoes, jewelry. 
you dream of going to Paris. 
It's your life goal right now to get there. 
you haven't said much about why or what you plan to do but I know without a doubt you will make it. I just hope you think I am cool enough to go with you. 
because it's my life dream to see my kids live out their dreams.
you still are the funniest person I know.
 if ever I have a very corny mom joke I know you will laugh and come back with an even better one! you make me laugh so hard till my belly hurts sometimes and I love it! 
on the hardest days you know how to put things in perspective and find some reason to smile. 
Thank you.
Art is still your passion.
you have a desire to join cheer leading again.
my quite shy girl wants to scream her heart out. 
a beautiful balance.
you remind me you're not to be grouped with your younger sisters anymore.
 you are growing. you are maturing. 
you are the age now that you can put your own laundry away, you can walk to the neighbors to play in her backyard, you can get yourself a drink, you can carry groceries inside, you can make your bed, you can brush your own hair, set the table and clear your plate, pour your own cereal, buckle your car seat AND help buckle your sisters, 
you have proven yourself a big girl.
 I am working on accepting that.
 the help you give is not unnoticed or unappreciated. I don't know what I would do without you. but 8 years old isn't an adult yet. don't worry girlie that will come way too fast for this mom.

I love you so much Belle Elizabeth.

Happy birthday!
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