Thursday, March 8, 2012


Every night I tuck my girls into bed. I whisper little I love yous in their ears and cover them up. Before I close the door I always tell them I will see you in the morning. Last night was no different but I the words "I will see you in the morning" made me think about a time in Uganda when mothers would fear putting their children to bed.


I was asked why did I go to Africa? why not stay home and do something local for the children here that need help?
I don't really have an answer as to why. So I prayed about it and reflected on my trip. The only answer I can come up with is the kids and the staff at Cove feel like family to me. I talk to Richard as often as I can, I am so looking forward to Father Hilary's visit in June, I write letters to the children in school, I cherish my pictures of the nuns and the teachers. I have never felt more care for and looked after in my entire life than I did during my two week stay.
I know people might have objections to supporting a charity like Invisible Children or believe there are more important issues to be fighting for. But to me This issue hits so close to my heart and just like that day when I read in the bulletin at church about the mission trip. I feel like God had a hand in making me aware of this campaign. I can't ignore it! I have to help! I have to spread the word!

I do want you to know that Uganda is a safe place today! my family at Cove is safe! This country is fighting hard to rebuild itself from the poverty, past evil leaders and the LRA. It is a hard battle but the people of Uganda are determined to fight! They want to stop Joseph Kony from continuing in other countries and possibly returning. All I ask from you is to watch the video and share it! The more people that know about him the better the chances he will be captured and brought to justice!

My girls sleep soundly tucked into their beds. I can tell them I will see them in the morning and not fear that my words will be taken away. why should this little boys mother feel any different?

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