Friday, March 9, 2012

belly painting

This was my favorite pregnancy picture! I saw people painting their bellies and I knew I wanted to include The Julia somehow. She loves to paint and do art crafts with me so I let her go crazy! I will never forget the look on her face when I said "you can paint on mommy."

I love that picture so much and lately I have been seeing a lot more pregnant belly paintings being done. But some of them still strike me as weird or just silly like a soccer ball or Easter egg. They are cute but not what I wanted. Then I saw a painting of a tree! I love family trees and the symbolism of having roots and growing bigger with every new family member. I had to do it!!!!
I walked outside hung up my baby blanket. brought out a chair to set my camera on. got all the settings just right and put it on timer. I then got in place and posed my little butt off.

When I felt like I got enough shoots I started cleaning up. Then I herd little giggles from the yard next door!!!! I turn to see The Julia and her friend Noelle hiding behind the fence spying on me!HAHAHA!

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