Monday, March 12, 2012

stroll around the neighborhood

After a busy weekend Sunday afternoon I found miss Belle and I just sitting on the couch, while daddy and the Julia were napping. I looked out the window and said let's go for a walk! She was so excited:

We live in what is considered 'the city' to my hometown people back in Harrison. But it's nice! We have a 3 min drive to the stores and yet still have a great back yard and nice streets to walk around. Our street is very quite and well taken care of. I love it!!
During our walk I found a cemetary. The community I lived in in highschool was built on top of an old farm and one day we found all the family members grave stones! I was never creeped out about it, almost more of a peacefull feeling. There is history and I love history! This cematary down the street is where alot of civil war veterns and people involved in the Under ground railroad are buried! so cool!
Then on the way home Miss Belle and I got a treat!

When we got home I had time to hide the evidence of the ice cream since Brian and Julia were still asleep! it's our little secret! shhhh.....

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