Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Secret Weapon

Last christmas I was given this secret weapon by my mother-in-law. she thought it would be a nice tool for lunches with the babies, and to my surprise it is! it's fast and super easy to clean. The Xpress Redi-Set-Go is great for when I have three hungry babies wanting to eat RIGHT NOW!!!!! most meals require altogether a ten minute prep and cooking time!

my only problem was I kept forgetting to turn it 'on'! so maybe my ten minutes turned into 12.
I made corn dogs by mixing Bisquick and adding cut up hot dogs. I added too much of the batter and they didn't turn out pretty but the babies didn't mind. (they always get a fruit with their lunch, this day was peaches)
I am not a big fan of corn dogs so I wiped down the machine and made a bagel pizza. I did however steal some of the peaches :)

I probably wont get #1 chef of the year for my lunches but as long as I can make 4 lunches before all three babies have complete meltdowns I will keep using my little secret :) have you ever used something like this? what did you make? Grill cheese is a huge favorite in this house!

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