Wednesday, March 14, 2012

backyard plans

One of the things I love the most about our new house is our back yard! It's a really good size. I have so many plans for it. I want a sitting area, playground, garden, clothes line and there is still plenty more room! I in vision birthday parties and grill outs, but right now is a muddy mess!
My husband wanted to get some work started since the weather was so nice. The girls wanted to play so I sucked it up and let them get dirty.

I love how Miss Belle always tries so hard to do something on her own but then when she gives up the first person she ask for help is "THISSSTHYY!!!" (that's sissy in Belle language) She loves her big sister and The Julia jumps at a chance to help her!
Jerky is a great watch dog. Remember how I said we were told he was a chihuahua but later found out he is actually a Min Pin, well this is proof! Min Pin's are known for thinking they are big guard dogs. just look at that mean face ready to attack anyone that enters his family's space! lol love him!
Well all the work my wonderful hubby had planned to get started, ended up with a few burned sticks. I think he just wanted to play with fire. O-well we have plenty of perfect weather weekends ahead to really get started on some work!!!

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