Thursday, March 15, 2012


I was born into a die hard UK fan family! you know those families in the cheesy comercials that all gather around the TV holding foam fingers and all wearing the team colors, jumping up and down screaming when they score a point.......Yeah that's us Brown's! We truly bleed blue :)
I remember growing up my uncle moved in our house for a bit, I had to give up my room and move into the Kentucky room. My dad refused to paint over the huge UK letters and make it girlie for me, but I really didn't mind.
Today is my third favorite holiday!........what holiday is that you ask? well it's the start of MARCH MADNESS!!!! hello?!?!
I have my Kentucky wildcat shirt on and my bracket filled out (of course Kentucky has the top spot) I even took another pregnancy picture in honor of this awesome day!
I wanted to share how I made my head band:
Hot glued little fabric rose buds to a piece of felt:
trimmed the felt down:
Then glued it to the head band! easy peasy!
I made Miss Belle one too!

But that lasted for all of 5 seconds!

Happy March madness day! and Go big blue!!!!

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