Friday, April 13, 2012


I am the kind of person that random things pop into my head and I can't stop thinking about it till it gets done! 
I was laying food out to for dinner when I thought about shadows and sun rays. (see random!) 
Anyway then I thought about a picture I had seen but I like to try and change it up a bit so I don't feel like I am completely coping off of another photographer. (that bugs me!) 
So I grabbed my Umbrella.
 Then a pair of scissors
 Some paint
 and headed outside!
 The only problem was I wasn't happy with the end result. I wanted to put holes in the umbrella to shine better. I decided to wait until it got a little later where the sun would be almost directly behind me instead of above me. and then it hit me!! My wonderful loving husband would be off work by then!!!!
When he walked into the door I tried to keep my cool so that I wouldn't bombard him with my idea. So I let him "relax" change his clothes sit on the couch catch up on his day, all the while I was peeking at the sun and about bursting with excitement!

I love how much my husband just goes with the flow when it comes to my picture ideas. he stands where I tell him and always looks so handsome :)  I set the timer and ran over to him to get into place. He whispered to me that the neighbors probably think we are crazy. I smiled and gave him a little kiss. not knowing that you could see our shadows! but I think it makes the picture that much better!
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