Thursday, April 12, 2012

black and white

Back in high school I took a photography class. this was the era of pre-digital camera. We learned about film, and only black and white film if that!  In a lot of ways I am grateful for those early times :) It thought me the basics and really shooting exactly the composition I wanted. since you really only have one shot to get it right or you will have to buy more film! 
But also it made me really appreciate a black and white picture. there is something about those two colors that add drama to each picture. It forces you to take in a moment captured in time. really take in the contrast and emotion that is portrayed. (OK I know I am getting all artsy fartsy here sorry) 
here is an example:
the unedited picture:
the edited one:

 you really get the sense that Belle is lonely and desperately wants outside! The first one would probably have been deleted if I didn't edit it. But the black and white one makes me want to print it out and make a scrap book page just dedicated to this picture!

Ever since my husband has gone back to work she has found her way back to me! Of course the second she see's her daddy walk in the door she drops everything to greet him and forces him to watch cartoons with her but in the times that he is not here she clings to me!
 She helps me with craft projects

And even helps in the kitchen making Kool-aid.......The Julia swears Miss Belle makes the best Kool-aid. I have not shown her this picture.......
 And if I am in the middle of writing a blog post she has to join me:

Again the black and white really shows the drama and emotion. I suggest you try black and white effects on a picture your just not that crazy about. it might make you change your mind.
I don't think Belle has changed her mind about being a Daddy's girl but I am learning to settle for second best.
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