Wednesday, March 7, 2012

sticky note

After I gave my Grandma a tour of our new house soon after we moved in she bought me a huge mirror for my entry way. I loved it and hung it up right away. but not even three months later while having a sleep over party with some cousins the mirror was knocked down and broken! (the joys!) I asked my husband to try to keep the frame because I had plans for it!

First I put the days of the week using stickers at the top.
Then since the hooks for the mirror were on the wrong side of the frame I hot glued two pop can tabs.

I hung the new frame up and filled in the middle with sticky notes.
I love this idea because plans around here always get changed so it's easy to just throw away that sticky note and replace it with a clean one. No more scribbles! I want to show you the whole entry way because I have added a lot of new projects but my husband says I need the lay off the painting for a while. so I guess that post will have to be on hold for a bit.

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