Tuesday, March 6, 2012


One of the major things we take for granted is education. Too many times I hear people say school just isn't for me or I am not very good at learning from a book in a classroom. I do understand that there are people where those statements are true (I am one of them) but I also feel that people use that as an excuse not to go to school.
It's hard! It's time consuming! It's never really fun! but in Uganda it's almost the only way out of poverty!
Families work very hard to save up enough money to send only one of their children to school.
In America that same education is practically free! We are blessed with all the latest technology and new buildings, awesome teachers and up to date text books!
We visited many schools while in Uganda besides Cove. Here is one of the more typical school buildings:

My favorite thing to ask the kids was what do they want to be when they grown up. I would listen to the answer and then I would hold their faces and tell each one "don't stop until you get there!"
I walked around the First grade room looking at all the different things the children were learning. I came across these posters and it really stoped me in my tracks! My daughter Julia is in first grade she is learning about adding and subtraction, spelling and writing complete sentences, presidents and aquariums. The first graders in Uganda are learning about how to protect themselves from the deadly sicknesses spreading through out their villages!
We got back to Cove and I looked around at the buildings and the grounds surrounding them. Cove truly is a God sent to these children and their families! and at their young age they fully understand how important it is for them to give 100% everyday to their education. It was not uncommon to see a classroom full of students studying before class even started! or on recess to see them carrying around their homework instead of playing with all the new toys we brought them!

This is my friend Julie! our trip would not have been as fun and full of happy funny memories with out her! she is a very strong person and a great friend! The kids Loved her red hair but seriously it is the perfect shade :)
Julie is finishing her teaching degree and one of her main goals while in Uganda was to teach a class. The kids were so excited to learn, I swear I have never seen a classroom full of kids so excited yet so quite and paying attention so well!
Julie looked right were she belong up there!
I know you can't force your kids to appreciate school and make them understand just how lucky they are. I try to tell my Julia everyday how lucky she is to be going to such a nice school and she just rolls her eyes and tries to hit the snooze button one more time.
The only thing I can control is how I feel. I know my daughters have all the possiblites in front of them, that's why I unplugged her alarm clock this morning and said "you can't be late!"

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