Monday, October 17, 2011

Kayla's gift

I would love to introduce my cousin Kayla. or who the Julia likes to call the girl with the golden hair! :) (wouldn't that be an awesome nickname to have) Miss Kayla is a great person and shes crazy about her cousin Belle.Well honestly any baby she's around she has to play with them, hold them, feed them. She is going to be the perfect babysitter, possibly teacher and someday far from now a great mom!
Miss Kayla was over my house one day before my trip to Africa and we were talking about the kids I would meet there. She said she wanted to help me make something to give to a little girl. now come on isn't she awesome!! such a big heart and beautiful person.
we decided to make dolls out of scrapes of fabric i had sitting around. she worked on the sewing machine, drew the faces on, added hair and little touches to make each one unique.
I couldn't wait to get these pictures back to her. to show her. I was to proud of my cousin for putting another person before herself and taking time out of her day to create something i know this little girl will treasure!

I hope someday (if her mom says yes) Kayla will get to visit Africa with me and meet all the little babies! But then again I'm not so sure she would come home after playing, holding, and feeding the little ones.

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