Thursday, May 31, 2012

Summer list

I pulled into the parking spot in front of The Julia's school to pick her up. The babies in the back seat were sleeping and I rolled the windows down so they could get more air from the breeze. Turned down the radio and sat back taking a few sips of my water. Then I herd the school bell ring. Got out of my car. As I stood there it hit me she's about to turn 7 years old, a second grader! In my mind she's not a little girl anymore! She has crossed over from infant to baby to toddler to little kid to know a mind of her own, strong will, too smart for her britches young lady! This all happened too fast! I am not ready for her to grow up!
She spotted me and waved then darted off toward our van. I couldn't help myself I cried......OK I balled like a baby!

I made her hold up a picture that was taken on the first day of school. and I cried even harder! look at that missing teeth smile! no glasses! shorter hair (because then we agreed about her hair style.) she was shorter and younger.
 "Mom! I am not moving out! I am not a grown up yet! I am still a kid! Stop CRYING!"
So I did just that.
When we got home we did a quick craft project. Made a summer list, since she is still a child, I want to fill this next summer with TONS of fun! memories! moments that will make us enjoy THE Right NOW!
Some things on our list is:
catch fire flies, drive in movie, crafts, car show, yard sales, meet the new baby, and have the best summer ever!!
can't wait to start checking items off the list!
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