Tuesday, May 29, 2012


I have been a busy bee trying to get rooms painted and semi-decorated. Someone said I am 'nesting' Because I am determined to get a huge chunk of it done before baby comes. I have first coats of paint done in the downstairs bathroom, living room, kitchen, and dinning room.  My husband thinks I am crazy and I will never get it done but this past weekend I finished the upstairs bathroom so HA! :)

Our dinning room is also the craft room/toy room. I have big plans for this room to make it a fun and happy place. what better way to start than to paint the table? (It was a $20 yard sale find)

I didn't want to use just plain old paint So I used:

                                                  "This is crazy! your crazy!" Brian said.
                                                                No honey I'm 'nesting' :)
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