Friday, July 27, 2012

Belle's Jealousy issue

Everyone has been wondering how Miss Belle has been adjusting ever since we brought Stella home.
Well I expected her to be a little clingy maybe even jealous of having to share me, but I was WAY wrong! She doesn't mind  but nobody gets in the way of her and her Daddy!
If he is holding Stella, watch out!
He told her, she was a big girl now and she say's "NO! I am your big baby!"
She could care less if I am giving Stella attention but no way is her Daddy aloud to talk to Stella with out hugging, kissing, spinning in circles and getting her some 'hotket milk' first! (chocolate milk)

And again I have come to terms with the fact that she will always be a daddy's girl. she loves me I know it. But there is something about him that makes her scream with excitement the second he walks in the door from work. He drops everything when he hears her little voice telling him to "helps me!" (that means pick me up in Belle language) I think I am so OK with their strong bond  because without ME they wouldn't have each other :) (this is an old picture)

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