Tuesday, August 21, 2012


I have a pretty good idea of the basic design concepts for every room in my house, except the entry way.
We were given this desk and it works perfect for sorting mail holing purses and diaper bags and housing our shoes. But I wanted to paint it! the problem I couldn't deride on a color..... I thought about green like my front door, or white, or even like this colorful chest we saw once, but nothing sat with me like I wanted to live with it forever.
 Then came the Ikea catalog! I spent almost an hour looking through each page and dreaming of all the colorful fun things I could fill my house with and I spotted this plate,
My living room is going to have a bird theme and I loved the colors used in this plate.

Then I got out my paint and was so excited to mix colors and put the paint brush to the wood.

 I love it so much! its so bright and happy and fun and different! Everything I want people to feel and think of when they walk into my house!

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