Wednesday, September 26, 2012

2 months

recently a blogger daddy has gotten into hot water for saying his five year old is his favorite child.
normally I feel like people overreact to things but this one I can KIND OF relate to.
 I absolutely love all three of my daughters and although I don't have a favorite I do have an easy child,
granted she is only 2 months old and can't talk back or roll her eyes at me...yet.
I already feel like her personality is much less extreme than her sisters. 
 she sleeps almost all the time
she hardly cries just whimpers a bit,
well except when mommy is torturing her with picture time :)
 She loves to be held just like this close to my heart.
 it helps relax me too baby girl.
I saw this picture idea of a nursing mom bare chested in the woods feeding her baby. I don't have woods and we have neighbors all around us so I didn't bare chest it but I wanted something like that picture. 
Like I said I don't have a favorite
my girls all have wonderful qualities about them and they even have some that I don't care for, like the ability to conveniently forget to pick up dirty clothes.
 or have serious issues with thinking it's ok to lick people like a dog
 I love that their personalities, although much different, they still fit perfectly together.
It's crazy to think that Stella has only been with us for two months. she is so much apart of us and our family puzzle would not work without her.
 Happy 2 months Lil Stella bug

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