Thursday, November 1, 2012

cell phone pictures from october

Here is my photo bomb from october. (all these pictures were taken from my phone of just little moments of my days

 Going to the dentist
 my flowers are still in bloom!
 Love putting pigtails in her hair
 JP helping with chores
 rare moment by herself
 never mind
 feeding the dog
 socks go on my hands?
 scarf I made
 playing resturant-she has a big imagination
 craft time
 Belle made her a princess
 first time wearing a coat for the season
 snack time
 Someone left thier pants at the gas station??
 Pretty but fake
 WHy I am thinking about chopping off my hair!
 love cuddle time
 my little girls comparing feet size
 laundry day!
 another snack time
 more cuddle time
 I bought this onsie when I was pregnant with Belle
 She got into my makeup!
 and nail polish
 pretty fall
 What I have to do when I am taking pictures in the rain!
 Julia thought it was a good Idea to lay down on the toilet paper and they all fell down! this is her after she picked them back up!
 mommy and baby morning
 pictures carved out of leaves! so neat!
 she says she looks like a bunny
 this is her purse
 shoping with mommy I need a seperate cart just for the kids to sit in :)
 a leave fell on Lil Stella's head on our walk
 LOVE LOVE baby leg warmers
 we are enjoying the last warm days
 picking weeds
 rubbing her belly
 craft time
 look at all the leaves!
 it fell on Belle's head this time
 kisses from daddy.
 cleaning up
 do you want my nugget?
 Halloween party
 sissy's desk
mommy and baby

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