Thursday, November 8, 2012

I found God on pinterest

Julia has one chore a day.
yesterday it was to clean all the toys and garbage off her bedroom floor.
I felt like it was a simple chore.
She thought that I meant throw everything under her bed.....
that's not what I meant.
she then proceeded to throw herself on the floor and let out ear piercing screams . 
She can be very dramatic.
I started toward the door. I was not going to give her any attention for her behavior.
but as soon as I reached the door, she stood up gave me the meanest look I have ever seen and said in the coldest voice "I hate you."
it's not the first time she has acted like this or said something so hateful. 
but it was like she just stabbed me in heart.
I admit it I lost my temper.
I yelled and yelled. 
I told her she was grounded for the rest of the night.
I shut the door behind me and then bursted into tears.
'God help me. help me. help me.  I don't want to be that kind of mom. I don't want to lose my temper just because she lost hers.
I need help God. I feel like I am ruining her.'
Then I went to kitchen turned on the radio and my lap top. I needed a break from the yelling. 
I saw this

God answered my prayers through Pinterest.
This might sound crazy.
but I felt like God was telling me 
'your not a bad mom because you yelled. you just a mom. that's your job.'
and about a half an hour later I went in to tell Julia dinner was ready. There she was with a broom in her hand sweeping her floor and whistling. 
she's not ruined.

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