Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Christmas minis

I had an extremely busy day Saturday!
I hosted my very first mini session!
if your not familiar with what that is, basically 
I have a setting set up and every hour I had a scheduled appointment come to me
. we would take pictures for a half an hour.
It was so much fun and reminded me of my days back at Sears portrait studio when I had picture appointments every 15 minutes!!!
but in a wonderful exciting fun way!
the past three days I have been nonstop working on these Christmas cards. Good thing I actually LOVE editing :) 
here are the final cards my wonderful clients choose to have printed out

I am placing the order very soon and will be stalking the mail man until they come in :) but for now I need to tackle the mountain of laundry that's been calling my name these last two days.

P.S. I will be planning another mini session day for Valentine's day! details are still to come but I can't wait! let me know if you would be interested!

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