Thursday, December 20, 2012

end of the world

so I hear that today is our last day on earth.
according to some Dec. 21, 2012 is going to bring on the end of the world.

I remember in grade school having to memorize this prayer. I wrote it down and rewrote it over and over trying to drill in my brain. I needed to get my religious grade up. School was never easy for me and testing was always something that made me nervous. I had recently gotten into a lot of trouble with my mom for receiving my first 'F' on a report card. So I knew this upcoming test on the Apostles creed was a make it or break it chance.  This may seem a little crazy for other people that are not catholic. but the teachers made it a point for us to memorize this certain creed because it outlines everything a catholic believes in. And when I saw the big "B" on the paper I was so excited and every Sunday after I proudly recite the Creed. Then  last week as we stood in church saying the line
'We look forward to the resurrection of the dead and the life of the world to come'
I thought about it.
again when I get things stuck in my head I really feel like God is trying to teach me something.
So I prayed and reflected all day.
Then I came to the conclution that my version of what the after life looks like is just pure happiness and wonderful. no pain no worry no stress no struggle. just a peaceful loving place that I can't wait to get to.
So if this mayan prediction comes true I am not saying I believe it will, but if it does I am looking forward to it.

if not then I will see you all tomorrow for lots of Christmas post. in the mean time I am spending time with my faves:

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