Wednesday, December 12, 2012

not just Joseph

I took the girls to a life size nativity scene last night, since we had to do a drive by at the other one last week,
We got out of the car and walked up. Miss Belle started to point out everyone and name them. then she got to Joseph.
"Jesus's daddy?"
"yep." I said
"No, mom! God is Jesus's daddy, that's just Joseph." The Julia always knows how to amaze me.

That's just Joseph.
just Joseph.
I couldn't stop thinking about her words.
I mean she is right Joseph is not Jesus's father
but does that mean he was 'Just Joseph?'
I felt bad for him.

I came across this picture while looking up things about Joseph.
There is not much about Joseph that is known
Just that he was a Nobel, honorable, hard working man,
That stood by his wife and trusted in the lord while she gave birth to a child that was not his.
He protected them and provided.
He deserves a lot more credit than what we give him.
The story of Christmas would have probably turned out a lot different if Joseph wasn't there.
I couldn't stop thinking about Joseph.
and I feel like when I have something that lingers in my head for a long time that is Gods way of trying to teach me something.

Then it hit me.
I relate to Joseph.
I am also raising a child that is not biologically mine.
Now I don't want to put myself on the same level as Joseph
Because I am sure raising the Son of God was a lot harder than the Julia.
The point is I have my struggles with what the best thing to do for Julia is and at times I question if I can even do it.
 if I am working against nature because I didn't birth Julia then maybe I really wasn't supposed to be cut out to handle her.
My biggest fear is that she will grow up and think back at her childhood and think of me as the evil Step mother.
Then I saw that picture of Joseph holding  Jesus and I could almost feel the love he had for that little baby in his arms. It's the same love that I feel for Julia. the all consuming overflowing love I feel for my daughter.
And I was reminded that God always knows what he is doing.

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