Tuesday, February 12, 2013

am i a hero?

 I had a rough week last week. it just seemed like things were not going the way they should and I didn't see any end in sight. i was rethinking a lot of choices i made in my life and wondering what I could do to help not get in these situations again. It was just stressful. I thought why can't things just be easy?

Saturday morning Julia and I woke up really early
 we drove to a warehouse 
We signed in with my wonderful friend Margie and her family
 We listened to a story about a mother not being able to feed her starving children any food
  this mother mixes dirt, salt, vegetable shorting and disease infected water. they then spread it out and cook the batter. she then feeds her children these "mud pies"
18,000 children die EVERYDAY of hunger. the founder of this organization got up and talked about how hero's are everyday people that give something small but in return it creates a big difference.
  after the presentation we got our hair nets on and gloves went to our stations and helped package little food bags with easily digestible protein, carbohydrates and vitamins needed.
 These packages will be sent to 12 different countries including America, Haiti, Kenya, Ukraine and more. And even with such a serious subject matter we had a lot of fun. it was a party atmosphere with music and dancing and laughing. me and Julia haven't had that much fun in a long time!
 We gave an hour of our weekend and becasue of it we helped feed 85,536 children! Julia asked me "Does this mean I'm a hero?"
"you did something so small but becsue of it all those children will get to eat. I think that makes you a hero. and no matter what I am so proud of you!"
"can we come back next week and bring more people with us so we can make MORE packages!?!"
Then I felt so stupid for my attitude last week. I was so down on myself and stressed out about things that really don't matter. I don't have a hard life at all compared to most. I asked God to forgive me for my anger and ungratefulness. I am blessed. My daughters are healthy and taken care of. We have a fridge full of food and clean water. My life is good

if you would liike to learn more about kids against hunger visit here
we plan on going back soon maybe you could be apart of your group just email me and I will make sure you are signed up!!!!

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