Monday, February 25, 2013

Turn it off

I am sorry for the absence lately. I have just noticed that I was spending a lot more time with my lap top and not enough with my family. I felt like emails and messages, editing and writing, pinterest browsing and facebook stalking were getting my attention over my children and husband.
 So for lent I am putting a stop to it. the a computer will remain OFF until nap time or bed time.
It's temping to turn it on at other times like when I am cooking or while the kids are playing or watching TV but instead I want to be present with my kids. I have been letting Julia cook with me. When Belle ask me to read her a story I am actually going to read every word and not paraphrase it so I can be done faster. ( and don't tell you never did that!) also when I would feed Stella I would have my phone in the other hand and play games to pass the time. I am reminded everyday how fast my kids are growing up. I don't want to pass time. I want to be there. I want them to remember me playing baby dolls with them and teaching them. 
so there, that's where I have been. I can't promise that it wont happen again but I am not giving up on this little blog. because I love the outlet it gives me. I feel like I have made so many friends and found so much support by putting my words (even if they are misspelled) out into the interent world. stay tuned this week. I have TONS to catch you up on!!

and because you all know how much I hate not posting a picture to share with my post
here are some soapy piggies

Thanks for sticking with me. what did you give up for lent? and if your not catholic or don't practice Lent, you should still think about what it is in your life that seems to be taking up your time and keeping you away from what really matters. try limiting that or taking a break all together. wish me luck that I can keep up with my promise because my family is worth it.

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