Tuesday, March 5, 2013

something that has been on my mind

I love to read
there is nothing better than staying up late at night and fighting to let sleep win.
all because you are so wrapped up in a book.
I am so proud to say that my Julia has also picked up the love for reading. Everyday she comes home with a new book from school and most are chapter books with no pictures!  
I have caught her a couple of times sneaking a flash light into her bed after bed time to read. Part of me wants to let her stay up but I do my mommy duty and tell her to go to sleep :)
The other day The Julia came home with this book
she thought it was part of the diary of a wimpy kid series.
I understand that on the inside cover it is clearly marked recommended ages 12 and up. But why would they design the book to be mistaken for a children's book?  
There were pictures of very graphic images and a character whose internet screen name was sexy69! 
I am very proud of my Julia for knowing in her heart that this was not the kind of story she should be reading and giving it to me when she realized it. 

Then on the news I saw a story about a mother taking her 9 year old child to Victoria Secret for pretty underwear! 
I don't even own anything from Victoria secret because of how expensive it is but the fact that a 9 year old is worried about having "pretty" underwear just really scares me! 
Why does society, advertisers and companies in general want our little girls to grow up so fast? 

I returned the book to the library the next day and asked them to please make sure it is placed on the shelves of the teenage section, and bought some pretty Disney theme underwear at target.

My little girl will stay little. Thank you.

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