Monday, March 11, 2013

Uganda always on my mind

 God is always showing me in little signs that he is here and has a plan.

 It's been a while since I have talked about Uganda but not a day goes by that I don't think and pray about my Uganda family. So many big things are happening at Cove. They raised enough funds to build a bigger dormitory to house the growing number of students attending the school! it's truly God's hands working in numerous people to create a better life for the children. 
I remember walking into a classroom during our visit and seeing all the children that had arrived early just to get the best seat. They are so eager to learn. 
We would visit children that were on the waiting list to be accepted into St. Jerome Cove center. I knew I had to help. I had to some how figure out a way to sponser a child. So after a year of talking about it my husband and I finally just said we are going to have to just make it happen and trust that God will somehow provide that money every month.
So we filled out the simple paper work and started sending out our $35 a month .
that was back in September.
last week my husband was having a hard time, work stress was getting too stressful.
I could tell he needed a break.
So we wanted to surprise him for a little lunch date.
on the way out of the house I checked the mail.
and while we were sitting in the parking lot waiting on Brian to come out I opened the mail.
There was this letter:

It was our very first letter from our sponsor child!
I had waited months for this letter!
we read it together.
our child has just started to learn to write so it was a little hard to read but this one sentence brought tears to both our eyes.
"Thank you for helping me go to school. I will work hard to make you proud."
It was just what we needed.

 to learn how you could sponsor a child please visit the COVE website. the money pays for school, boarding, medical care and food! it is a small amount of money that will forever change someone and their family's life for the better.

and on a side note: while we were pregnant with our daughters we always talked about boy names. We had a certain name we both love but our runner up name was Joel and guess what our sponsor son's name is:
God's got this :)

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