Monday, April 22, 2013

training wheels

"Mom! Tyler called me a baby!"
Julia said running into the house. I just rolled my eyes. The Julia is a tattle tale. and every time she plays outside with the neighbor kids she runs back inside to tell on them. It drives me nuts because 9 times out of 10 she's doing something to provoke her friends into whatever it is she is tattling on. I try every tactic out there to get her to not be this way.
"Julia, are you a baby?" 
"I think so!"
"what?" obviously this tactic backfired.
"Yea Tyler said I still have baby wheels on my bike so that means I am a baby."

yep! we are horrible parents! 
she's almost 8 years old!!!!
and still has training wheels.
it was always something we kept meaning to get around but just never did.
Maybe it's because once the training wheels are off she has officially graduated into older kid phase of childhood. you know that age that the baby fat is gone but she's not in the preteen stage? 
she can pretty much get ready for school on her own but can't walk there by herself.
she would never kiss a boy but wants her room decorated in Justin Bieber posters.
she's growing up and I am not ready to face it
so I left the training wheels on to hold on to every little bit of little kid she has.
until that darn Tyler had to rub it in my face!!!!!!

 She's becoming such a wonderful strong independent beautiful stubborn little tattle tail that i love more than life itself.
 she doesn't need training wheels but she still needs her momma and maybe a bigger bike......
p.s. shes faking in the last picture :)

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