Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Father's day

Father's day morning I woke up early
I wanted to make a yummy breakfast.
with our kitchen being close to finished but still a long way to go
this made it a lot more difficult to cook
I was making trips up and down the stairs to the fridge in the basement and back and forth to the dinning room getting all the food and pots and pans ready.
I made eggs, cinnamon rolls, toast, bacon and cut fresh strawberries.
I divided enough up for everyone and poured drinks. 
since our dinning room is taken over with all the food and dishes we have been eating on the coffee table in the living room.
(o how I miss our dinners at a real table!)
well on my way my robe sleeve got caught on a door knob and miss Belle's plate went flying in the air!
food every where and Jerky was already helping himself.
I took a deep breath and repeated over and over don't cry over spilled milk. 
no big deal I have plenty on everyone else plates to split up.
so I did. then I walked back toward the living room.....
My sleeve got caught AGAIN!!
I would love to tell you that I kept my cool again, didn't cry and certain foul words didn't come out of my mouth but 
I am human
Brian came in to help me clean and saying all kinds of sweet things to try to make me feel better but it just made me more mad. 
he said you can have my plate 
and then I yelled at him and said
"It's father's day and if you don't eat your breakfast it will just piss me off!"

later we took some pictures of daddy and his girls
he told me he had a good Father's day 
 he said all he wanted was to hang out at home with us and that's what we did.
not only do we have a house full of girls they are all daddy's girls!

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