Monday, September 2, 2013

Dog Gone Dirty

I love to hear people talk about their passions.
I think it's awesome how everyone has something different that they love, are good at or just know a lot about that one thing.
My is Photography (obviously)
but my aunt Julie is passionate about DOGS!
she runs her own grooming and boarding company
she has such a huge heart for these four legged fur babies.
so much so she will go out of her way to care for them 
she with pick them up, groom them at your home, no crates, and drop them off back at your home.
Her son (my cousin) Jason helps take care of them and gives them all lots of attention, love, and exercise!
I had a blast taking a few photos for her company:
Dog Gone Dirty

 here is the link for her facebook if you are interested in her services. I promise you will not find a more loving caring person for you puppies!

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