Friday, September 12, 2014

Home school preschool: Dinosaurs

Week 2 of Home school preschool!
We are having a blast!
she's catching on to so much already and it's the best feeling being the one to teach your child! 
I am so glad we chose to do preschool this way!

this weeks theme was Dinosaurs.
we read a few books with the theme 

We focused on the different types of dinosaurs and their diets.
The type of teeth and how it gives clues on what they like to eat.
Carnivores or herbivores.

We sang a song all week:
look and see 1,2,3
count with me 1,2,3
Triceratops has 3 horns
that's the way that he was born
1,2,3 1,2,3

and along with the work book pages we also played a few games:

Dino Bingo
I would call out a letter (the ones in her name) or number (the 3 numbers we have worked on so far)
and she would cover it up. once she got the whole page covered we played again. we played 4 times then she got to pick a prize (sucker)
 the back of the ten little dinosaur book had pictures and descriptions of different types of dinosaurs and we used this as a guide to building our own dinosaurs using shapes.
She loved this game!
Then we made a little dinosaur craft. this made her crack up so hard for some reason. she is a big fan of playing dress up and I guess a princess with dino feet is funny.
I plan for 4 days of preschool. That way we can have a break day if something comes up or we just need a break. Thursday was our scheduled off day and we had doctors appointments and a little maternity shoot that I will talk about soon.
 today (Friday) we had planned on being archeologist and actually dig up some (fake) bones but Miss Belle is feeling under the weather and after a dose of Tylenol, she fell asleep. I will try to see if she's feeling up for preschool time later. if not that's another benefit of home school preschool. We can move things around to better accommodate us.

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