Thursday, December 4, 2014


If you have kids then you know the first question they ask after walking into the door from school is
"Can I have a snack?"
why are they always hungry?
when it comes to food and drinks I am pretty strict with my kids and babysitting kids.
we drink lots of water and the fruit basket is always full of apples or oranges and they can have free range of whatever is in there.
but the rest of the kitchen is off limits unless told otherwise.
I like to think it's my way of ensuring they eat healthy but really it's also because it saves us LOTS of money!
these kids would eat and drink everything in a matter of minutes if I let them.
last week I bought a new bag of apples to fill up the fruit basket.
the very next day all the kids were complaining that every single apple had soft spots on them.
they wouldn't eat them and I just bought them
so I had to figure out something to do with them besides throwing them all away.
pinterest to the rescue!
I found this idea here

 it's super easy! after you prep you bake for an hour.
now my oven is in need of a deep cleaning so no pictures of it but here is a picture of a ceramic oven I made back in high school.
I have kept it for so long because I think it's just so cute and I am proud of it :)
the kids LOVED it even though all the brown sugar makes it less of a healthy snack but it's better then tossing them. and my house smelled so yummy for a while.

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