Friday, March 13, 2015

Home school preschool Bee week

Thank you all for the well wishes and words of encouragement on Monday! 
 Miss Belle had her kindergarten screening.
 I don't know too much because we should be getting a letter about what the teachers recommendations are to help her prepare, soon.
but I am confident she did great. 
 Our topic this week is BEE'S!
Last year Miss Belle was traumatized when she was stung for the first time by a bee on a innocent little walk we took one sunny afternoon.
She is now deathly scared of them!
So I wanted to take this opportunity to teach her a little more about Bee's in hopes to ease her anxieties.

We read a few books
We learned a new song


Then practiced our numbers by adding the stripes on the bee that match the number written. p.s. i was writing the numbers upside down not realizing they were backwards. oops!
next we did a little game where she had to toss her bees (cotton balls) to the flower bucket to collect nectar then she tossed them back to the hive bucket to make honey.

we created a bee hive with paper and on each side we drew out the different types of bee's and it's job.
example: Queen bee is the mommy and has lots of babies.
we hung this up in our dinning room for everyone to see and had a little bee flying around the bottom.
lastly we made a honey nut cheerio treat. (rice crispys but with cheerios.)
I let her have a spoon full of honey and she made this face after trying it.

We continued to work on numbers and focused more on 6-10 because she still had trouble writing them and identifying which is which.
Then we did letters Vv and Ww

we talked a lot about bee keepers. after showing her pictures of what they wear and how they help keep the bees safe and assist in making and collecting the honey, she still has no desire to be near a bee. so my hope of helping with her fear didn't really work but at least she knows more about what she's afraid of.

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