Friday, July 3, 2015

Hazel is 8 months!

it's no secret that my favorite show is 
The Walking dead.
we did a family photo shoot a few years ago based on the concept of a zombie invasion.
part of me feels bad Hazel didn't get to be apart of that.
so I wanted to do a shoot just with her.
but I knew I needed to wait untill she could sit up on her own.
and guess what ...

 she is also trying to crawl
just backwards.
She loves to eat and weights 19 lbs!
she says Dada and Mama and Bellebelle and baba and a few other things we are not sure what
 but it's loud. 
she's very loud.
she gives kisses and the biggest smiles only belong to her Daddy.
but don't let that fool you she needs her Mama or she is not a happy camper.
which is why the only other person, in her mind, that can watch her would be my sisters or her aunts.
anyone else and she just cries the entire time.
She is the happiest when she is in the water. even during a rain storm she laughs.
and let me tell you that laugh o my word it's that happiest sweetest laugh I have ever heard!
She has known how to do Raspberries with her tongue for a while now BUT for whatever reason this past month she has decided it is her favorite noise in the world and no kidding she wakes up every morning blowing raspberries and does not stop!!

eight whole months have gone by.
 I actually am glad the newborn stage is done and she has shown us little bits of who she is. her little personality is making me fall crazy madly in love with her.
 My happy, big eyed, sweet baby. 
Thank you for being so patient with Mommy and loving me through all the hard days in the beginning. I hope if you ever read any thing I wrote about your early life that you know you didn't do anything wrong. and I am going to spend lots of time making it up to you. That is a perk of being the baby of the family. one day soon your big sisters will all be in school and 
it will be just me and you left to do tons of fun stuff!
look here she is blowing raspberries! 

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