Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Taylor Garden update

Our Garden this year is really taking off!
I am so excited!
everyday I spend a little time out there watering and pulling weeds and just checking on it all.
We planted green beans, tomatoes, carrots, Brussel sprouts, Strawberries and squash.
from our backyard we can see a few houses down the owners have dedicated half of their yard for a garden and I secretly admire all the work he puts into it.  
The other night Julia came home from her friends house (another neighbor) and said the man with the garden gave us these plants for our garden.

I am guessing he can see our raised beds and was impressed with my crops......probably not, more than likely he was laughing at my McGiever stick fence for my green beans which have now taken over and are towering over the tomatoes.

I went outside and saw two pots he had brought over to us.
one was a bush of mint 
and the other was growing sunflower plants!!!!
I almost started crying!
Since I was little I have always wanted sunflowers, they are my favorite and never had luck growing them,
these are half way up my body So I really shouldn't have any problems!
I looked up to where his impressive garden is and spotted him in the middle of his union plants.
I raced over to say a thousand thank you's 
he said he really just loves growing things and was running out of room so wanted to share with us. 
I started picking his brain for ideas to keep our pesky city squirrels away
He told me pepper and egg shells sprinkled around the plants sometimes works but sometimes don't.
after our conversation I got back home to plant my new plants and then stepped back and knew I needed to take some pictures
some are with my phone but I was so excited after the kids went to bed I came back out with my big camera too.

 I can't wait for these sun flowers to bloom!
 I will cry when they do.
 here is the mint plant. it smells amazing! and Julia keeps sneaking out to grab a leaf to add flavor to her water.

These two love to help me weed 
and the also dig around the yard for worms and run to release them in our garden.
cracks me up how they dress so girl like but love to get their hands dirty at the same time.

Brussel sprouts are starting to pop up. Julia is most excited about these.
here is my pepper.

I will be sure to get lots more pictures when things start getting exciting with Big giant flowers and yummy food that I probably wont eat but will enjoy feeding to my children :P


  1. Your garden is beautiful and you're doing great! You'll enjoy the harvest!

  2. Thanks babe! I am really excited about it this year :)


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