Sunday, December 10, 2017

Christmas card 2017

It's that time of year again!!!!
The time I torture my family for a fun Christmas picture!
This year we got all cozy in our Christmas Jammies and sat on my Christmas decorated Bed and threw feathers at each other!!!

I just love each one of these people


My family is the best when it comes to going along with my ideas and letting me play photoshoot every once in a while.
 but this guy........ 

 I know he loves me so because
 we were done with pictures he had changed out of his clothes and started playing his computer game when I had remembered I really wanted some pictures of just us. so he pressed paused put his jammie pants that I made him out of a used table cloth (not perfect or comfy but hey we match!) and posed with no complaints!
 That's how I know I found the one for me :)
 and then of course we had to get one of our baby boy.
Happy Christmas y'all!
I am so happy with how these all turned out.
ordering the cards now and mailing them out ASAP!
Here is the link to all the Christmas cards in the past.....


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