Wednesday, October 12, 2011


When making an eye glass case I thought it would be fun to add something cute I then sewed fleece material to the inside for extra cushion for the every expensive glasses

next i folded it in half and joined together three sides
When I got the letter from her school suggesting we take her to a vision doctor my heart sank a little. no parent wants to hear that something could be wrong with their child even if it's just something small like she needs glasses. I worried about her eyes and also her self esteem, would kids make fun of her and call her four eyes? would she feel ugly or geeky when she wears them. Then the other part of me was preparing for the fight at the store when she would argue over getting the thick rainbow rimed glasses. (her favorite color) But much to my surprise and delight she picked out a very nice light purple/silver pair put them on like a pro and said
"mommy, i look smart!"
Yes you do baby!

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