Thursday, November 10, 2011

My best friend

I have finished the edits of the pictures from last weekend and like always I share a few!
Saturady was a perfect day for pictures it was warm and sunny. We went to a park called parky's farm. I love it there because they have so many barns and ponds and fences and colors! the kids were so fun and in great moods! and When the little Blondie with the puffy black skirt and pink sweater walked up I couldn't help but think of my little Blondie at home. I will make a bet she will look a lot like that in a year!

Then on Sunday I got to take pictures of this little family! I grew up with Brooke and her brothers. There are so many memories of us as little kids playing games. one in particular is when we pretended to have a wedding for Brook and my Brother Gage! :P We swore one day we would be going to their actual wedding, but thank God that didn't happen because then Brooke wouldn't have met Josh and there wouldn't be this super cute Mathew in the world! Brooke is an AMAZING mom! so crazy about her son!

Ok so today I am thankful for my long time friend Lisa!
She is the kind of person that walks into a room and instantly everyone loves her! she is so funny and smart! High school would not have been as much fun without her and niether would have been working at the grocery store (and getting fired togather) when we both moved out of our parents homes we moved into apartements right down the street from eachother. we spent many night burning food on the grill. We can talk for hours about our crazy times together and still laugh like they were just happening. She was the maid of honar in my wedding and I was her bridesmaid. (her darn sister was her MOH! j/k) we have had our moments when we grew apart and life makes you put your friends on the back burner, but I know she is always just a phone call away. She means a lot to me.
now befor I get a bunch of phone calls about "why haven't you wrote about me yet?" Let me just say I am not putting these in any kind of order (I love lisa more than facebook) But I just felt like writing about her today because friday night we are going to her house to have a dinner party. and I am super excited to see her.

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