Friday, November 11, 2011

My mother-in-law

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Have you ever herd of Pinterest? It's awesome! I will write all about the great ideas I have found on there but for now you should go to the website and fallow me and we can start pinning together! I have been very Busy the last couple weeks trying to decorate our master bedroom. as most of you know we just moved into our house late this past summer and I have been slowing decorating it the way I want. I have a different style. I hate modern! I hate grandma looks! I hate country! I have contemporary! I hate bold! I hate spa like! I hate craftsman! but what I love is modern/grandma/country/contemporary/bold/spa/craftsman ALL TOGETHER! they call it eclectic style. I love to walk into a room and see a barn door now being used as a dinning room table or white walls with bright color picture frames and a big road sign! I told you it was weird. well here is a sneak peak at some of my projects i found on pinterest and am incorporating into my master bedroom. I am calling it THE LOVE STORY ROOM.

today I am thankful for my mother-in-law! She is great with the girls and they just love her to pieces! even though she lives a little bit away form us she is the first to drive here and babysit for us. after the baby was born and I went back to working on the weekends she would stay with us to help watch the baby. I loved it because Belle was still breast feeding and Vickie was so supportive and made sure she would feed her the way I asked and prepared the breast milk with out complaining about it. (i don't think i could have handled touching someone else breast milk lol) She has always welcomed me into her family and she recognizes me as Julia's mom. she knows that I love her son and take good care of him. she never tries to overstep her boundaries. I have herd some horror stories about mother in laws. But I am lucky to have Vickie. today i am extra thankful because she has out of the blue offered to take the girls for the whole weekend!!!!! that means my husband and I get the house to ourselves for two days!!!!!!! we have a lot of plans for this weekend of fixing the house so maybe next week I will post finished pictures of my master bedroom........ maybe!

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