Saturday, December 24, 2011

memory lane

Four years ago I was sitting in the car wondering what "surprise" my boyfriend Brian had planned for us that night. I have to be honest he is the WORST secret keeper! I knew some sort of diamond was in store for me that night, but I had no clue as to how he was going to officially ask me to marry him. We got downtown and he walked me to the horse and buggy rides. Brian handed the driver a CD and sat next to me covering us up with a blanket. I listened to all the songs on the CD Brian had made for us to listen to. Then "God bless the broken road" came on, He told me once that this song reminded him of me because he had been through so much heartache and bad relationships in the past but now he knows they were just just leading him to me. (cheesy I know but I still love it!) He got down on his knee in the middle of the buggy and asked me to marry him. I can't remember the exact words he used but I know they didn't make much sense because he was so nervous! I do remember saying yes about 20 times! We sat in the buggy for a little while longer enjoying our ride as fiances! Then I turned to him and said I want to come back and do this every year.

Last night after 2 and a half years of marriage and almost 3 kids later Brian took us Downtown:

our buggy was not this cheesy but the Girls begged for the Cinderella one!

While we were on the horse carriage I couldn't help but notice the empty seats across from us and I wondered about our future children that will fill those seats in the years to come.

After our ride was got off and visited Santa one last time before Christmas. Miss Belle is still mad at us for making her sit with him:

This is by Far my Favorite Christmas tradition we have started in our family and Every year I feel even more blessed to share it with my favorite people in the world.

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