Monday, January 16, 2012

lessons from a 1st grader

I pray my daughter will treat everyone with respect and fairness. I pray for her to use her strong will and confidence for the good of others. I pray others with do the same with her.
I try to introduce her to other people that are "different" than her. If she ask me a question about why is that child in a wheel chair or have a tube in his neck I try to explain the best way I can that other kids were given more difficult challenges in life than she did. It doesn't mean there is something wrong with them. I talk to her about the kids in Africa that don't have families or food to eat but that doesn't mean God doesn't love them. These are lessons I feel very strong about to teach my child not to judge or make fun of others.
Today is Martin Luther King Jr. Day and I woke up today with tons of plans to explain in a way she would understand that there was a day when people treated others badly just because their skin was a different color. I wanted to really talk about how M.L.K was a great man that was just one person that helped open everyone's eyes to see that we are the same and should treat everyone the same.
We were sitting at the breakfast table and I thought here is my perfect opportunity to start the conversation.
"do you know why you are off school today?"
"Because today is Martin Luther King Jr. day"
She took a bite of her cereal and said with her mouth full, "yeah! I know him!"
"What do you know?"

Little did I know the answer she would give me would make me realize that she was going to be the one teaching today.

"He wanted black people and white people to hold hands."

How can I top that? What better way to describe today!


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