Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Props for trying

We again had extra children at our house on Monday. It's funny how even though there's more people to play with those 2 words seem to still get said by someone... "I'm bored!"
So I knew I should plan something fun for us to do.

We sat at the table and got out all the craft supplies:
I let them cut out any fun photo prop they wanted and glue them to Popsicle sticks
We then placed them under a blanket and each person picked one
Then I set up our photo booth and we took silly pictures.

Kayla's sucker
Julia's I had a dream that Justin Bieber is going to marry me thought bubble (something tells me she cheated and knew she was picking her own prop out)
Jeri lynn's I had a dream bubble (there were some copy cats in our bunch) :)
Austin's big eyes
and yes even I had to get in on the fun with my pipe
Korben has a clown nose
Belle got the uni-brow
There were tons of other props they made and we took pictures for about an hour!

They had fun but a couple hours later the words "I'm bored" did get spoken and I just rolled my eyes and threw in the towel, at least I tried!

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