Thursday, January 19, 2012

watching babies fall

I did A LOT of painting while I was in Uganda. and I will talk more about that soon. but one of my favorite paintings I did was of this chicken. (maybe it's a rooster?) In this class room we wanted to show the circle of life and how things change. The chicken's case it started out as an egg and then a chick and now a grown chicken.I got the idea for this particular chicken from one that we saw everyday just walking around the grounds of school with it's little baby chicks. I'm not sure why this has become such a sweet memory for me to think about but it goes like this:

momma jumps up the steps and babies fallow
littlest one has trouble
falls back down. momma waits. watching her little one fall over and over and over. momma still waits.
Finally the little one had a running start and made it! sorry i didn't get a picture of that. once little one made it they all took off to fast!

Maybe it's the fact that momma stood there overlooking her baby struggling all the while knowing her baby would eventually make it. but wanting it to do it on it's own. That is what I have learned being a parent is about. It reminds me of Miss Belle. She is still not walking! She's 17 months old and we thought she was getting brave and taking a few steps but no. I know she can do it! she walks along walls and with her toys all the time but she wont let go. I have to just sit back and let her do it at her own pace. Trust she will eventually catch on and do it! She might get hurt and she might fall down but if i don't sit back and watch she will never build her confidence up and do it herself.

Something tells me that chicken watching her baby is something I will have to do a lot through out my children's lives.

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