Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Marraige councleing

After our Valentine breakfast/dinner we gave the girls baths and then tucked them into bed. We headed down stairs to give each other our homemade presents. I made Brian a power point love poem :) it was super silly and cheesy but he loved it and was very impressed that I could add all the cool effects without asking him for help :) Brian made me a card and decorated it using my art supplies :) LOVE IT! But I had to cheat a little and buy him a new pair of pants because he was in desperate need of them after I accidentally washed all his jeans with a green permanent marker....... oops!

After our gifts I wanted to play a game I found on the wonderful world of Pintrest!
It's called 20 questions for married couples. I handed him a paper with the questions and then I answered mine on a separate piece of paper. I thought it was going to be more funny questions (I didn't read them before hand) but some were pretty serious and marriage counseling questions. Brian asked me if I thought we should see a counselor and that's why i gave him this test! lol I am not against counselor and it probably wouldn't hurt us to go anyway but I did not have a secret agenda just wanted to do something fun and different.
Here are a few of our answers:
*what is something I could do for you on a regular basis that you would see as a reminder that I love you?
K-make your coffee for you in the morning
B- make you more bubble baths

* If we has two days alone together what would you want to do to spend the time?
K- Go to a bed and breakfast and have others serve us while we relax
B- go to Uganda and help the children

*What is the most funny or embarrassing thing that has happened to us on a date?
K- When you spilled your pop all over me while we were eating a nice dinner!
B-Me spilling pop on your dress!
(this was our third date!)

I love my husband and had a wonderful low key Valentine's day!

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