Monday, February 6, 2012

park fun and a surprise for mommy

With all this perfect weather lately I wanted to take advantage! We took a trip to the park!
Julia is not very good at being told what to do so I try to switch things up and I tell her, "You are very talented at climbing on top of things but not all the kids are as good as you. and they might see you on top of that bar and they want to try it, but what if they fall and get hurt? I think you should show them the right way to play on the playground."

yeah, didn't work..............but my other daughter was having a blast playing with her daddy. She has become insanely attached to her daddy! I admit I am semi jealous but the other part feels so blessed to have given my girls such a great man to look up to. He is a very hands on loving dad. So I just fallowed them around (keeping one eye on The Julia) and taking pictures.

Her Favorite words right now are "WEE!!"

While daddy was taking a potty break with Julia I took Miss Belle over to take some more formal pictures and then guess what happened.........

SHE'S FINALLY WALKING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! @ 18 months old!

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