Tuesday, February 7, 2012

you say beefy, I say Jerky

Three years ago I was racking my brain about what to get my husband for his 30th birthday! I think I'm a great present giver except when it come to my husband. He is very picky, But I had a feeling that this present would be perfect!Brian always talked about a pet he had when he was a little boy. he said it was a miniature Chihuahua and he loved that dog so much! I looked on Craigslist and found a miniature Chihuahua for sale that wasn't too pricey! I talked my brother into meeting the person up and picking up the puppy. Then we came home and Brian was well lets just say happy :)

We name all our pets after food. It's just something I thought was cute we had a fish named cheese, cats named kiwi and shrimp, all who are gone now :(

we named our super cute tiny new puppy Beef Jerky. We have a debate in the house on what to call him for short I call him Jerky but Brian likes Beefy. He doesn't sem to confused he goes by both names.
All the years have gone Jerky had now been determinded that he is not full blooded Chihuahua or even miniture for that matter! But we feel in love with our puppy! He is great with the girls! always letting them torture him without putting up any kind of fight. Their favorite game to play with him is dress up..........

Beef Jerky's 3rd Birthday is here and I just wanted to wish him a happy birthday! and thank him for being such a great dog!

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