Wednesday, February 8, 2012

our playgroup

Just wanted to share a couple of newer pictures of my two favorite little boys!

Korben is growing up fast! He is trying to keep up with Belle and JP. He's clapping and talking all the time now! He's even starting to pull himself up. Here are a few valentine pictures I took of him:
JP is still the happiest boy in the world! He's always laughing and playing. He's walking 10x better than Miss Belle! His mommy wanted some pictures of him in his winter hat:

I love spending my days with them! They keep me busy with all these new tricks! But I am ready to add to our play group. I am currently looking for another little one around their age to come hang out with us. If you know anyone that lives close and would be interested please send them my way.

* Don't forget to mention they will get super cute pictures like these all the time!! :)

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