Thursday, February 9, 2012

a girl room

First off I have no clue why everything is underlined! I am not a computer genesis I will ask my Husband to fix it:)

For the month of January I spend a lot of time in my daughter Julia's room. It's by far the biggest bedroom in the house. I didn't want it for our master bed because I loved the windows in our room. So Julia has a big room (lol the under line stopped lol)

We painted the walls half purple half greenish blue. but I left one wall blank. I wanted to paint a mural but wasn't sure what yet. so onto Pinterest I went:

Julia Loves fashion and playing dress up so I thought why not do Paris?

I wanted to show how I painted the balloons. It's called a one stroke technique. I am not an expert just like to play with paint and colors. first I choose three colors a dark, medium and light color to add shadow and highlights to the balloons. all at one time!

I then did one stroke along the outside of the balloon. making the purple color the outer edge.
I then just simply filled in the rest.
I did this with the sky and tower.

The room is far from complete. We plan on getting the girls a white bunk bed and paint all their other furniture white. eventually they will out grow dress up and want to hang posters on the walls but for now my girls love to go in and pretend they are in Paris having a tea party in their princess dresses. (and yes our puppy jerky is forced to join them in his dress.)

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