Thursday, April 19, 2012


I have been desperately wanting to get my garden started. Brian says I have to wait for him........ What is it with men thinking that a pregnant woman is incapable of doing anything. He thinks I need help  doing laundry, dishes, cooking, sweeping the floors.........what a minute why am I complaining?  on second thought He is right!  I think from now on I will use this pregnancy condition as a perfect excuses to get all the "HELP" i need from him :)

Since a crop garden is still on the back burner I thought me and Julia could build a fairy garden. 
We gathered sticks,
 Hot glued them together,

 secured the joints with some string,
 filled a small flower pot with dirt,
 Arranged some rocks, grass and flowers,

After we put the girls to bed last night Julia came running down the stairs, "Mommy! I see a fairy!!!hurry quick!" I fallowed her to her room and looked out the window.
"Honey that's not a fairy that's a star."
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