Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Dancing is a huge part of the Ugandan culture. they welcome all visitors by signing and dancing to songs they wrote or learned in church.  And they have some hip shaken moves I would never even try to attempt. 

 Last year Darlene (the Co-founder) donated these drums for the kids to learn to play. They were pros!

The Ugandan children don't watch much TV. the electricity is just not very dependable and most families cant afford a television set. I noticed how happy and active these kids were. dancing and signing and playing games all day long. It made me long for a simpler time for my own family. 
So I decided I would limit my children's use of the TV and other electronics. I was really good at first, We got rid of cable and the Television set in all the rooms expect the living room where only two cartoons a day would be played!  but then I admit it seemed all to convenient to grab the remote when I needed to get some laundry done or take a shower or just have some peace and quite for a half an hour. I try to justify this by saying my children only watch PBS cartoons. they are educational and good clean lessons to be learned. But I know it's still not the same. So I vow to once a again cut back. Miss Belle will still get her Sesame street and Julia her Word Girl. but I hope there will be more enjoyment from music and dancing.......

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